Our area of focus would be to provide our respected clients with experienced talented leaders (> 10 years experience) in both the technical and business domains who would fit most of the requirements they want in that role. We also work with clients to understand what they want and put a description against it and then go search our pool of talents to provide the best fit. We do not commit that we would find them but we try to see what we can do and inform our clients within a reasonable time about the potential of filling that role through us. We consider our work here similar to a tailor who tries to give you the best fit and we strongly believe that One Size does Not fit all.

Our experience says it takes a good 3-4 months for us to get the right person at the senior level and we never compromise on the quality of the candidates which has made us their choice to work with, for both the candidates and clients. Our success rate has been close to 30% (which means we are able to rightly place individuals only in a third of the requirements we get). We work for the BEST and we give them the BEST.

We believe that just as our clients want the best person to fit into the job, the candidates also are valued high and we also try to fit them into the role they want to grow into, thus trying to achieve a real win-win scenario.