An organization, in simple terms, is a group of people who work together to achieve a common goal. An organization must be original, must be based on set of values that forms the cultural thread of every employee, must be constantly innovative and reinventing itself, and flexible and agile enough to transform and change to meet the ever changing demands of its customers.

All organizations irrespective of their size or type are all stitched together by people with a purpose they work for to make it happen. To enhance inter personal relationships that will allow them to work together to realize that purpose faster or better or both, there is a need for a structure which is essentially a framework to enables tasks to be done, feedbacks to be received and output to be achieved in the most simplistic terms.

Since every organization is original, just like individuals are all different and unique, no two organizations need to have the same structure. It all starts with a vision and mission statement for which an organization stands for and which defines the purposes in some form or the others, and then goals evolve for daily operational guidance. Organizational development is a system by which people are made to respond and act to achieve two purposes – make the organization successful and also to enhance skills and capabilities of the individuals. An entire organization has to work for the same goal to make it effective..